Never Stop Loving You
Never Stop Loving You


fake relationship
Friday, November 11, 2011 | 1:48 AM | 3 Talkers
hey kam00 smue..
c0mel nk bg twu ni..
ceta ni best sgt2...hihi..
smnjak da ptus ngn CAPITAL S..
ader s0wng laky CAPITAL S muncul..
hehehe..dy da kembalikan comel nye senyuman..
c0mel da mule appy balek..
hehehe...yeahh idup harus appy
0kew balek ceta ats..
mule2 kite 0wg buat FAKE RELATIONSHIP..
tp last2 jdi bt0l pnye..
x leyh belah la...
dy ni x pndai ayt comel.
hahaha..s0 comel pkse dy ayt comel jugak..
last2 dy ayt comel  smpai comel cair baiiii...
nk tg0k x dy ayt cm ner...

says:coz when im with her im thinking of u,what u would do ifyou were the one who spending the night,oh i wish that iwas looking into ur eyes:DD
this is my besttest :P Comel Gurlzz
 says:you 're the best,and yes, i do regret:))how i could let myself let u go:))
 says:oh baby i cant come down so plezz come help me out~you got me feelin high and i cant step off the cloud:))and i just cant get enough:))sabrina,i think about it every night and day,im addicted wanna jump inside ur love:))
hahahaha..kat ats tu ayt2 dy t0k c0mel..
dy ni x der la jiwang sgt...
x pela.x kisah pun..
asal kn dy wat aq happy..

 okew nmpak x pix ats tu..
dy belah kanan..
nk pix dy s0wng ssh la nk jmpe..
comel syg itu budaqq..
0kew ni ader la skit lagu t0k kaw SALMAN!!!

          maaf lau suare comel x sedap...

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